Medical Translations

We provide scientific and accurate medical translations to healthcare societies and research centers, specializing in translating medical journals, scientific papers, and clinical trials.

Our certified translators are expert PhDs in medical terminology, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy in every translation.

We understand the importance of clear communication in the medical field, and our services enable healthcare professionals and researchers to access valuable medical knowledge in English and Spanish. With a commitment to excellence, we strive to support medical societies and research centers in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient outcomes by providing top-notch translations of medical journals, manuscripts, and trials.

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→ Health records
→ Consent forms
→ Insurance policies


→ Lab test results
→ Instructions for use
→ Marketing material


→ Clinical trials
→ Guidelines
→ Books & manuals


→ Certificates
→ Guidelines
→ Posters & presentations

  • Medical journals
  • Medical records
  • Clinical trial protocols and reports
  • Patient information leaflets and consent forms
  • Medical device manuals and instructions for use
  • Pharmaceutical product information and package inserts
  • Research papers and academic articles in medical journals
  • Regulatory documents for drug approval and clinical trials
  • Healthcare policies and guidelines
  • Medical textbooks and reference materials
  • Medical software user interfaces and manuals.
  • Conference materials (eg. abstracts, posters, presentations)
  • Insurance policies and claims documents
  • Medical questionnaires and surveys
  • Marketing materials (eg. brochures, websites, social media posts)
  • Training materials and presentations
  • Equipment and supply catalogs and manuals
  • Instructions for use
  • Consent forms for
  • Billing and coding documents
  • Academic transcripts and certificates
  • Research proposals and grant applications.

Complete Medical Dictionary

Get access to accurate medical terminology in English and Spanish with our medical dictionary.

Perfect for healthcare professionals and patients alike, our dictionary helps bridge language barriers and improve communication. Use it to better understand medical diagnoses, treatments, and ensure you’re using the correct terminology for more efficient and accurate medical care.

Complete Medical Dictionary English/Spanish is a work of nearly 10 000 entries in English with their corresponding equivalents in Spanish. It includes medical abbreviations, names of diseases, treatments and therapies, clinical trials, names of procedures and surgical interventions, as well as names of research centers, medical colleges, associations, and international hospitals. It compiles terms used daily in 21st century medicine, specifically in the following medical specialties: anatomopathology, cardiology, surgery, dermatology, pharmacology, genetics, gynecology, sports medicine, family medicine, hospital medicine, neurology, dentistry, ophthalmology, oncology, clinical psychology, psychiatry, traumatology, and rheumatology. Therefore, the work is open to be consulted by both researchers working with international studies and primary care physicians, general practitioners, and/or other medical specialists who wish to have a medical dictionary for quick reference on their work desk.