Jorge C. Berriatúa

President & Co-founder of ICBMed

Professor Jorge C. Berriatúa is the Managing Editor of the ICBMed Bulletin and Co-Founder of ICBMed. He did his B.A. in Linguistics and Masters of Education at the University of La Rioja, Spain, and his Masters of Medical Translation at UNED, Madrid, specializing in medical reporting, translating, and teaching. Back in 2000 he became Professor of English Language at the National Schools of Modern Languages in Spain, and in 2003, he completed a five-year medical training in Critical Care Medicine as Emergency Coordinator at the EMS 112. Over the last ten years he has worked extensively in the EU and the US as the Chief Medical Translator of The Spanish Society of Radiology, The Spanish Society of Intensive Care Medicine, the International Medical News Group, and The Cardiovascular Research Foundation. Also he teaches Medical Spanish and English at the Spanish College of Physicians of La Rioja, and is the author of the reference book Complete Medical Dictionary (Editorial Club Universitario, 2013), and Bounce, The Technical Basketball Dictionary (BookSurge Publishing, 2009).